A Loving, Healthy Self Worth is Priceless

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Time and time again,

Others will share their stories of visiting healers with me.

I feel lucky to obtain the knowledge, but I have come across a pattern I would like to bring up today.

I LOVE being a healer, first off, and I appreciate everyone with great intentions towards others and our universe.

I do NOT enjoy what sounds like the continuation of clients being prolonged when the healer relies on your currency to survive.

You see how unsustainable 1 coaching client is?

How could you benefit someone for a long period of time without being a paid friend?

This is why buddhism is free! (In my mind)

I am extremely philanthropic.

To the point where people are handing me money and I shy away and try to convince them they should keep it.

I feel so empathetic at times I really can’t emphasize the “pathetic” aspect enough.

I feel SO deeply that I have confused what other people feel for my own feelings and only started realizing when I would vacate the area to calm down and then my rationale would return once my aura was away from their aura.

It is that complex and that simple.

Energy has a plethora of frequencies and we dip into them without understanding how it fully effects us.

I am asking to bring awareness and openness to what I personally have experienced which is:

3 Steps help to take back your power!

  1. You attract what you put out energetically.
  2. You can’t fake energy. This is why meditation is so important. You must bring the feeling of what you are asking to accomplish within yourself outward from your mind, so you may attract it. Visualizing your intended and favorite conclusion.
  3. Disable doubt and fear. If you want it, don’t doubt it. No matter who says otherwise. You are here to do your own tasks. Ego can feel negative. Spirit is compassionate and kind always. That’s how you know which voice to listen to. (Angel vs demon on the shoulder #amiright ?)

I didn’t know anything about Astrology until 17 years ago… My thankless college years. I dropped out because I hated it and no one would interact with me and it felt like time wasted.

It was the strangest year of schooling. It was as if everyone wasn’t real and they couldn’t see me. I totally get movies that portray that aspect of being invisible.

I wasn’t healthy back then, like I am now.

I tell you what! Superfoods, greens, vegetables, probiotics, humanely treated meat and dairy.


I feel the difference!


A loving healthy self worth
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How to Handle Anger

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Had this beauty repeating in my head all morning so I decided to condense it

If you can teach yourself, (despite your upbringing), how to explain your anger -not express it. You immediately welcome solutions instead of continuing negative patterns.

This topic welcomes many questions, so feel free to ask if you need any clarity on what I mean!

Have a wonderful day!

– @littlehollyopal

Give It Your All

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Ultimately we humans learn that service to others is how we feel connected, confident, and whole.

Yet, it is easy to give up or give in to the needs or plights of others and potentially lose ourselves in the process.

No matter who is asking, it will always be in your best interest to listen to your own intuition.

You can hear other’s out, but what you do is always your choice.

So, in service to life, I have devoted myself (since very young) to give every task I choose to take on, my all.

I appreciate that I learned this lesson early in life.


Love you all!

Have a great one!

– @littlehollyopal

Boundaries and Self Respect

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Hello everyone!

As a firm believer of setting boundaries with tact and in the process of human improvement, let this be known:

A human who lies to themself and believes their lies, reaches a point when they become unable to recognize any truth, in themselves or others.

Ultimately, losing respect for themselves and others.

When respect is gone there is no love.

Leaving the human to cope, usually with unhealthy vices used to numb themselves.

And in the end, it was all to avoid setting boundaries, that were stripped away in childhood. Leaving a broken, programmed, and unhappy individual.

It is better to stand up for what you believe in at any age than accept living a lie.

– @littlehollyopal

P.s. Constantly ignoring boundaries in yourself or others shows others who may be more aware that there is a lack of respect in yourself.

#respectyourself with #integrity and do everyone a favor and learn about Tact

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Much love on your personal development journey!