Who is behind theadaptive.org?

It is actually a brother and sister team, Shane and Holly, with a twist.

thedaptive.org is the sister side and there is also theadaptive.net, which is the brother side.

To clarify, Shane is an artist and entrepreneur who actually works on the theadaptive.net side of things with his hybrid live/electronic music project, The Adaptive, about two years ago after over 20 years of being a self taught musician. The website now features Shane’s photography and other creative endeavors.

Holly is also an artist and entrepreneur who joined forces with Shane after 10 years of being a wife and mother of three boys who focuses on health, nutrition, writing, singing, respectful parenting, world betterment, global consciousness, and healthy emotional well being. Theadaptive.org is more of my realm, but it is also our combined efforts. Because in this ever changing world, we are adaptive 😉

What guided us to start a new project, theadaptive.org?

Shane: “The reason I started The Adaptive music was to have fun with my friends and play live music in more of a dance music environment. This led me to traveling and touring to perform shows and opened my eyes to the real world that we don’t see on TV. I didn’t want to be caught in the daily grind. I was a typical american kid. When I was younger I played sports in school, as I got older, it turned into music. Then I graduated high school, and went to college. After I got my Associates from a small community college, I went to work for the tech industry. I tried different companies, but I hated my job for years, about a decade really. Always wondering what I was doing, what was the point? I made a bunch of money and bought a bunch of stuff, but I still couldn’t see the point. I realized my top priority was not getting rich. I tried it. It was fun. It got me stuff, but I want to do more than just make money, I want to help people, too. Even if it means that I’m the guy making music, helping people relax, or I’m the guy taking photos of your dog. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as at the end of the day, I feel like I’m fixing problems instead of creating them.”

Holly: People really love to see positive and uplifting things. I know I do! We can all be reminded of how crappy our situations are. We just have to look around, watch the news, or just sit there and it seems to come out of nowhere. We can feel bogged down by the everyday monotony of life. Going to school, going to work, paying bills, blah blah blah. It’s depressing. Just look at the numbers of people on prescription drugs for depression. It’s depressing! I am always searching for the positive side of things in anything I do. Now, I want to help people look for the positivity in their lives… Give them some steps to take in the right direction… Make them laugh, help them through feelings they can’t describe, any and all of it. I love being helpful!”

What are theadaptive.org’s goals?

We’re preparing to start a non-profit. The non-profit’s goal is to positively impact the world through our creative outlets. Music, photography, global consciousness, audio and visual art.


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