Welcome to TheAdaptive.org!


My name is @littlehollyopal and I am one of the minds behind theadaptive.org. I am so glad you could stop by for a visit!

If you’re interested in photography, music, global consciousness, life, ya know.. anything and everything that will help in spreading peace, obtaining or maintaining inner peace, then you’ve come to the right place!

My goal is to answer questions and share my journey of how I went from a little girl with lots of energy and unknown anxiety issues to a mom/wife with depression, to a confident, at ease individual.

I went from caring what anyone and everyone, to realizing that what I felt inside was all that really mattered and that thinking leads to overthinking.

I used to feel victimized, that the people around me dictated how I felt. When I finally snapped out of it, after being so ill that It was get better or get d##d…

I delved deep into the inter-webs, did monstrous amounts of soul searching and research, and emerged, having let go of my insecurities and false personal beliefs that my upbringing had pre-programmed in me and I had been unaware of it. Becoming aware is key to healing emotional wounds.

I am not claiming inter-galactic-oneness. I am fully aware that we are always works in progress and now I am able to enjoy whatever life brings my way.

I am the student and the universe is my teacher. I accept myself. I am aware that everyone is different and though, we are all connected, I understand that no two souls are identical and that is what makes us wonderfully beautiful, each in our own way.

We’re busting our humps in the real world, so while we are still working on our consciously creative ideas for this site, you can head over to theadaptive.net to check out the amazingly talented music and photography side of things.

– @littlehollyopal