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So I didn’t grow up this way, but the more I research and test my own hypotheses, I find that that Hocus-pocus stuff is more than something to be laughed at. 

I only use organic or clean (no pesticides, residuals or gmo’s) sage and bay leaves to smudge. 

I’ve read many different versions of how to do it and I haven’t yet made a legit bunch of “smudge”, but I plan on it and I do take the individual dried sage or bay leaves and burn them in each room. 

I have noticed a great benefit from doing this daily. I do this because, for us, it helps clear bad smells (can we all agree that boys sometimes fail at aiming in the bathroom?), bacteria, headaches, bad energy and that’s good enough reason for me. 

Gotta love Mother Nature! I look forward to learning more of her secrets!

You all have an amazing day and I copied one of the great links I read about smudging below.


Study Shows How Smudging Does a Lot More Than Clear Bad Energy!


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  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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