What It’s Like Being a Manifesting-Generator!

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I have been studying my personal and family’s human design for almost a year now and it has only improved our family dynamics and interpersonal skills.

Have you ever heard of Human Design?

I hadn’t until a great friend of mine mentioned something about it and that I should look it up.

So I did.

Then I received Richard Rudd’s “Gene Keys” book as a gift from the same savvy soul.

Mind = blown.

I was reading everything about me, but I didn’t write it.

Things that I had already experienced were being spelled out so clearly for others to read.

Things I wanted to share before with others, but wasn’t sure they would fully understand.

Needless to say, I was one happy woman. Having so many thoughts and beliefs confirmed and with an awesomely compassionate integrity driven twist.

As an example of the kind of info it spells out, according to my human design and gene keys, I am a protector of the plane, am meant to build systems, and teach others how to live according to their own human design.

I was already protecting others since 4 years old. I was already building a sustainable farm on 40 acres. I was already coaching others on how to be their best selves.

Human Design and Gene Keys were the cherries on top that confirmed to me that I was on my true path.

Thank goodness! (Or the Sun, or God, or Source, or Gaia, or whatever your soul resonates with).

Just please, do yourself a favor and thank and believe in yourself!

More on this later,

Holly out!