My Truth About Blogging

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Bloggy Bloggerton…

…I am not.

To clarify: I want to blog. I just have a lot to do. We just moved all of our belongings into storage. Bought an RV while raising 3 kids and 3 dogs(wouldn’t have it any other way-wait till I finally have my farm- Can we say animal rescue!!!) In order to help my parents in recovery from my dad’s cancer treatments.

Since we have arrived at my parents house in Arizona, it has been very rewarding, yet exhausting. I blog whenever I can, from my iPhone 6 Plus. (I don’t recommend this method…)

It’s a big phone. Kinda awkward to use for long periods of time and it gets hot pretty fast.

Who knows what it’s doing to my body…

I decided to blog about all this because I kept coming up with reasons for why I’m too busy to “do the work” (of running a blog).

I was legitimately and appropriately managing my time for what was most important. In my head it’s about like this:

“-Are the children taken care of? Have the dogs been taken care of? How’s grandpa? Time to cook. Let’s help grandma in the garden. Let’s clean up. What’s Photosynthesis? Let’s look that up to explain it best. You want to color? Swim time! Watch me on the trampoline! Let’s check the mail. Time to pay the bills, and so on and so forth. ”

..The usual for me.

I love it! My life is unlike any person I’ve ever met and I look forward to it staying that way. I used to worry constantly and let people’s expectations of me dictate my actions and I was a definite people-pleaser.

I will always be a bit of a people-pleaser… because it pleases me to please people : )

… Just no more self sacrificing on an unnecessary level. As a mother. Self sacrificing is part of the gig. In my experience, you’re not doing it right if you don’t have occasional pangs of guilt or worry bitch-slapping ya back to reality. I am aware that I go above and beyond for my loves. Whoever they may be. If I love you. You will know it and you will like it 😘

-It’s the people pleaser in me.

But I don’t have limitless energy, and when I run out of steam and everyone is like “Aww, you used up all Holly’s energy 😔😔😔to everyone else.

I have found that listening to my intuition above all works out best. I draw from 32 years of life experience and 10 years in the research and development phase.

I relieved myself of a lot of excess duties when I realized just how much people-pleasing I had gotten to myself into and when I learned how to take a step back from it, breathe, and allow myself to set whatever boundary that needed to be placed. My true self seemed to take shape when I was fairly young because not much had to change.

I essentially alleviated decades of self-inflicted guilt and stress by acknowledging and letting go of the expectations I was able to see were from others and not me.

– I erased all personal and internal doubt when I got consistent confirmation that listening to my intuition gave me my desired outcome in all situations.

– Good thing I don’t use it ferr evil – #amiright ?!

(Jk. Because you get whatever you put out and when I used to be just the tiniest bit vengeful as a young child – and rightfully so – “karma” would always kick my ass. I learned this very early on in my life.)

I am more aware of what I should be paying attention to. I’m able to argue with others and not get upset, unlike in the past. I am always aiming to be completely rational and honest. I’m able to think to the end to whatever desired outcome works best for everyone and proceed with just enough forethought to avoid the usual pitfalls that can strike in everyday life.

(I am not saying I don’t slip up ever, but I allow time for rest and I aim to stay in a continuous state of my natural flow. Practically just observing others. Never reacting. Always encouraging. Incorporating fitness in whatever task I take on because in all honesty, I may not have time to cut out a work out. I keep my flow best while using my intuition.)

This is how I am taking my family “The Great Dains Dynamite Dynamic Dynasty” to wherever we want to go!


Well, I digress.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day : )

– Holly