You win. I win.

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Good morning!

I have been meditating and thought this would be a great time to blog. The kids and dogs are still asleep!

I remember watching movies as a child and picking out the characters with the most luxurious, fancy, classy, priceless (in my eyes), divine, goddess look or lives, -their human experience.

There was no speak of money. I didn’t notice until after I was 8 that most movies were different than I had first noticed.

When I watched Marry Poppins for the first time, I didn’t put it together that that was her job!

I thought she was helping out a troubled family because it called her in on a storm. I was like, 3. BUT, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go dooown!” Became my motto when family life became too much for a 4 year old to handle…

My parents came from pretty rough minded humans. My dad was thrown down the stairs at least once, among other consistent daily physical and/or emotional abuse.

My mother’s father was an all too common abusive drunk and her mom was a drinker,- woman in that era (1950’s). She was whatever society would allow her to be in her situation. I have never met my mother’s father, but I did speak with him on the phone a few years ago, as they had made a mends, (on my grandfather side anyway). I can imagine how my mom may feel-invalidated about both of her mildly maladjusted parents. She is amazing though, because of the extent that she puts up with how difficult they are. I guess this is what I do with my dad. Always feeling like he’s against me, because he is and he’ll say he’s not- total narcissists in this world!

I am in the grey. We have yin and yang here. I stand by the valid points on both sides of any argument. I can place myself in both sets of shoes.

I believe in balance! I believe in dark and light. I believe in my soul and in my body. I believe in being ferociously strong and divinely delicate. I believe in being completely authentic to oneself (with integrity!) I believe in spirituality and mother nature. I believe we should be focusing down as much as up!

Let’s bring balance to the madness!

Everyone deserves to win! I recently read an article that there is an Arabic word for this, the word is taarradhin (tah-rah-deen). Loosely translates to “You win, I win.”

So let’s taarradhin the sh!t out of this experience!

Now that you know a little bit more about how I think, as much as I would love to blog full time, it just wouldn’t be authentically me. So yes, I find blogging a tiny bit difficult, in my life situation, but I also feel called to it and it gets easier in phases. I love to share my perspective. To get like minded tribesmen on my team. Wearing my heart on my shoulder because that’s where I choose for it to be. I have been making up my own affirmations for a while now and am getting more confident about letting me out.

“I am love. I am light. I am here to do all things right!”

– repeat 3x So mote it be!

Lmao! I am joking on it being a spell, (Halloween will be here before you know it!), but in all seriousness that is a completely valid thing to say because positivity breeds positivity. Like with like, right?!

I hope you all have an amazing human experience everyday!

Love you long time!