The Reality of Caring

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How does anyone get others to care about causes near and dear to them?
They speak up, speak out, or get active in their desired cause.
I personally, am into scoliosis awareness, sustainability advocacy and awareness, humane treatment of animals, clean farming practices, healing through nutrition and exercise, nature, and many other passionate topics.
I am here to coach others in exchange for currency for a 40 acre sustainable farm.
We have the 40 acres in Oregon, USA.
There are roads needed.
We will be drilling for hot springs and well water.
We will be building living quarters and music/art studios.
We will have to grow trees, greenery, build greenhouses, hydroponics, aquaponics, solar power, wind energy, and all the like.
We strive to build a better tomorrow for our children, our friends, and family. With a major goal of being as safe as possible.
Devotion to individuation will allow each soul to come to their philanthropic awareness on their own timeline.
We will set pertinent, but obviously not impenetrable laws, for the community to have a firm ground and helpful boundaries.
Adversity is desired with clear objectivity towards others paths and histories.
For those ready, we must forgive and let go, but never forget what makes us who we are.
In a time so different from any other, yet somehow with a very similar feel with the “War mentality”, it is inner balance through individualized awareness that will bring such peace into each of our own realities.

If you love the Northwestern United states and are looking to jump on a great cause for the betterment of planet earth. Feel free to contact us or donate via PayPal.


Best wishes!
– @littlehollyopal