Honor Thyself This November

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November has the beloved “Thanksgiving” day.

What better way to show thanks than to honor yourself and your family in whatever way feels special to you and yours?

Enjoy your holiday season : )

Stay blessed!



A Loving, Healthy Self Worth is Priceless

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Time and time again,

Others will share their stories of visiting healers with me.

I feel lucky to obtain the knowledge, but I have come across a pattern I would like to bring up today.

I LOVE being a healer, first off, and I appreciate everyone with great intentions towards others and our universe.

I do NOT enjoy what sounds like the continuation of clients being prolonged when the healer relies on your currency to survive.

You see how unsustainable 1 coaching client is?

How could you benefit someone for a long period of time without being a paid friend?

This is why buddhism is free! (In my mind)

I am extremely philanthropic.

To the point where people are handing me money and I shy away and try to convince them they should keep it.

I feel so empathetic at times I really can’t emphasize the “pathetic” aspect enough.

I feel SO deeply that I have confused what other people feel for my own feelings and only started realizing when I would vacate the area to calm down and then my rationale would return once my aura was away from their aura.

It is that complex and that simple.

Energy has a plethora of frequencies and we dip into them without understanding how it fully effects us.

I am asking to bring awareness and openness to what I personally have experienced which is:

3 Steps help to take back your power!

  1. You attract what you put out energetically.
  2. You can’t fake energy. This is why meditation is so important. You must bring the feeling of what you are asking to accomplish within yourself outward from your mind, so you may attract it. Visualizing your intended and favorite conclusion.
  3. Disable doubt and fear. If you want it, don’t doubt it. No matter who says otherwise. You are here to do your own tasks. Ego can feel negative. Spirit is compassionate and kind always. That’s how you know which voice to listen to. (Angel vs demon on the shoulder #amiright ?)

I didn’t know anything about Astrology until 17 years ago… My thankless college years. I dropped out because I hated it and no one would interact with me and it felt like time wasted.

It was the strangest year of schooling. It was as if everyone wasn’t real and they couldn’t see me. I totally get movies that portray that aspect of being invisible.

I wasn’t healthy back then, like I am now.

I tell you what! Superfoods, greens, vegetables, probiotics, humanely treated meat and dairy.


I feel the difference!


A loving healthy self worth
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How to Achieve “High Vibing”

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High vibing

Or not…

You do you

Consciously creative


So, you don’t like how you feel?

Or maybe you’re reading this for a friend.

No matter how it comes, high vibing feels right.

Suddenly everything is possible and everyone feels like they’re cheering you on.

Just me?


Here’s 13 secrets of the high vibing:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have down below.

Thanksgiving 2019

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Great day to you!

I won’t pretend there’s a Turkey cooking for my family today.

We did our holiday early to celebrate with dad.

Historically, on this day as a child, every year, someone would inevitably ask, “what are you thankful for?”.

Well, I believe

… it’s extremely heartwarming to see kindness.

So that’s what I’m not only thankful for, but grateful for, when others are thankful and giving to others.

It’s something wonderful!

So, I do my due diligence to tell wonderful humans that looks don’t matter and to stay true to themselves because being yourself is how you become thankful. Which equals life of happiness.

So once we literally take the time to unpack our “demons/shadows/anger/frustration/bitterness/negative behavior” we allow ourselves to communicate ourselves calmly.

Balanced like.

  • You can tell people how you feel.
  • You may not be aggressive or pushy in any abusive way or the other person is aloud to protect themselves however necessary.
  • You can tell people what you like.
  • Never complain about what you don’t like because then you will have lost power and energy on talking and physically exerting yourself towards the complaint. Thus giving out more energetic information of static nonsense that brings your life just that right back. (If people specifically ask you “why don’t you like this?” Then use your intuition, but truly take the time to listen to yourself)
  • Conserve energy in new situations by observing. If people think you are shy, suprise them with your quick witted and tactful humor. Or just explain yourself. No big deal. Just a life hack for lightening the vibe.
  • Love yourself always. Just by being wherever you are purposely thinking positive self thoughts/mantras/self talk/meditation.
  • Treat others how you would love to be treated. #goldenrule-ish
  • Treat others how they ask to be treated as well. #supremerule
  • Devote all of yourself to your entire dream/goal/best self where you imagine helping others in your community and family and life is enjoyable in whatever way that means for you.
  • This is the juicy part! Once you start to imagine a positive potential future in your minds eye, if ANY negative feelings arise, a TRUE sign of maturity, strength, and growth is the ability to stay in that negativity long enough to resolve/redesign yourself/ shadow work/being your own best friend/truly self healing.
  • You must train yourself to take your negative imagery and tweak it to what you would like to have happened. Be your own super hero!
  • That’s a super power in my mind anyway!
  • It’s controlling dreams while awake.
  • It’s what every one refers to as “waking up”!!!
  • You are literally waking yourself up to not be afraid to be who you are meant to be.
  • Unafraid to meditate. Take time for yourself. Nurture yourself.
  • You love what you love for a reason.
  • What people did and/or told you happened.
  • You felt/feel it.
  • You have the ability within yourself to feel it just like the first time through nifty brain chemicals, but you also have the ability to forgive yourself for being put in any kind of situation that you had no control over that led to any tragedy or trauma for you.
  • Everything happens for a reason. (I used to fight this, but it’s just to true for me)
  • Once you provide the much needed care for yourself that noone else was able to provide for you during your negative memory, you can literally feel better and it is a lot like domino’s how the memories flood of how your life could have been better if the others around you had been their best selves.
  • This is rewriting your history. not to lie to yourself. It’s still a trauma in reality to you so validating how you feel is very important in self care.
  • Others love to tell us to feel differently. No thanks! Go elsewhere.
  • I am aloud to feel however I feel and so are you.
  • These feelings create our lives and we have a lot more influence than we are aware of.
  • This is what is so wrong about commercial programming and other similar brain or habit manipulation.
  • Meditation is key.

All this from some housecleaning and mindfulness of the morning.


With love,

– @littlehollyopal

Boundaries and Self Respect

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Hello everyone!

As a firm believer of setting boundaries with tact and in the process of human improvement, let this be known:

A human who lies to themself and believes their lies, reaches a point when they become unable to recognize any truth, in themselves or others.

Ultimately, losing respect for themselves and others.

When respect is gone there is no love.

Leaving the human to cope, usually with unhealthy vices used to numb themselves.

And in the end, it was all to avoid setting boundaries, that were stripped away in childhood. Leaving a broken, programmed, and unhappy individual.

It is better to stand up for what you believe in at any age than accept living a lie.

– @littlehollyopal

P.s. Constantly ignoring boundaries in yourself or others shows others who may be more aware that there is a lack of respect in yourself.

#respectyourself with #integrity and do everyone a favor and learn about Tact

Feel free to Pin and share!

Much love on your personal development journey!

Holly – Youga

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I don’t just do Yoga… I’m not into that 🙄. Just kidding…😆 I just mean that I do muh-own thang! – because I’m like that!

Youga… to me, is whatever YOUga-na make it!

I don’t know the yoga beginning like I’d like. I even took the beginning course for being a certified yoga teacher, but decided that I didn’t give a f@ck 🤭 about labels or accreditations.

I was a certified baby sitter and certified puppy trainer when I was 12 years old. It taught me that I like to babysit my own dogs more than anything.

A year into college, I got married which led to my parents quitting paying my tuition. I ended up quitting school. – I was studying how to be an entrepreneur anyway. The internet was becoming more useful and I was optimistic that school wasn’t right for me.

I kept planning on taking Yoga as one of my college classes. I even signed up for one that didn’t have enough students to justify their first class, so they shut it down. No traditional “Yoga” for me, it seems. Which is fine with me.

Luckily, I had been in ballet and gymnastics since I was around 4 years old so I always remembered stretching and certain moves. I was fit until 18 when I felt like life was a bit out of my control (I’m a Virgo) .

I also wore that horrible birth control patch and saw stretch marks in the first week. I hadn’t even had a boyfriend yet, but my sis took me to the clinic, and sure enough. Strip naked. Get on a cold table. Get violated and probed. Get a prescription. Lovely day that was….😵😩😶

Thankfully, after wearing the patch for a week and suffering severe mood swings and weight gain, I tore the patch off and never looked back.

Lucky for me, I’m married now and after 3 boys, my husband got a vasectomy. So no birth control needed. Until that rogue seed goes savage and decides to change my fate, but they went the extra mile when they did my husbands procedure so it would literally take a miracle.

With no worries of kids in my near future, I wanna stay fit. As fit as makes me happy. Enhanced Holly-O, in a sense. Sounds like a cereal. But it’s just optimal-me.

So as 1 part of a multifaceted self-care ritual, Youga, is my version. I make names up randomly for just about everything, and if you’ve heard it somewhere else, let me know because I say Youga, with the thought that I’m doing my own yoga based off of my own flow.

So every time you go rogue, doing exercise just know, that’s your version of Holly-Youga – to me : )

Do you call your practice something unique? Share in a comment below or find me on social media for a real life person!

Have an awesome night! I’m going to go do some pre-bedtime Holly-Youga : )

Happy Stretching!


Grow Through, What You Go Through

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I keep thinking about this quote, “Grow through, what you go through.” I think it’s so deep. It’s hinting at really being aware of yourself and that, whatever life throws at you, there is growth to come from it.

This brings me to a very important introspection; Self love. It is so important and as a step towards building or maintaining a loving relationship with yourself, I ask you, when was the last time you  wiggled, giggled, stretched, squirmed, and/or squealed around?  Perhaps jumping into bed or getting on to the floor. Perhaps you’re more of a social stretcher and bust into some mid sentence sun salutations for added physical benefit, all in the name of health? Just me?

All the same, I hope if you can’t find a solid block of time to really work out, then sprinkle it throughout your regular day. That way, when you do work out again, it doesn’t feel like you’re back to square one.

Standing in front of the sink? Time for the horse stance.

Using your phone on the bed? Try to stretch in any way you can (smooth movements, not jerky ones).

Sitting at your desk? Then I recommend flexing your muscles when no one is around, as long as you can. Trading muscles, holding it until that muscle set is tired and going through every muscle you can think of. It’s a great way to wake up a sedentary body.

I can tell you, that most of the times I was having a hard time in life, I wasn’t wiggling around joyfully in my bed, or on the floor, or anywhere. There wasn’t enough moving of any kind and I felt emotionally blocked for it. Who knows which comes first, the pain or the suffering, but how you get back on track faster, always starts with you and your health. Mental health and physical health are tied together. More so than most people realize.

So, since I’m not worried about sounding like a complete goofball, I can admit that I stretch it, wiggle it, sun salutations it, downward facing dog it, quite often. Like a handful of times throughout the day, if I can’t get a block of personal time to myself. I am comfortable doing it practically anywhere and in front of some, because I have my own understanding that my life just feels better when I keep moving.

Even if I only have three minutes. I’ll still take those three minutes (maybe even while I’m having a conversation and that usually gets the other person to realize “Oh! I should do that too!”to work out any kinks I have.

I move slowly and methodically with my breath, using my body to guide me into my next move. It’s like physical meditation for me, which, I love!

If you don’t feel comfortable guiding yourself I recommend using YouTube or just Googling whatever questions you have and watching a few different people to find the one that speaks to you and your body in the best way, so you can get moving and keep moving.

‘Cause, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time, or even want, to go pay for a personal trainer or some other expensive thing, but I still want to look bomb on date night!

All this talk about stretching, I think I’ll go do some now. Peace out!