How do you make sense of all the options?

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In the sea of “this is good/no that’s bad”, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with and/or figure some seemingly insignificant things out. Who owns what brand? How far did this product travel? Why can’t I afford my own land? Where do my tax dollars really go? Is there really a demon in Arizona? When did Kourtney Kardashion get sustainable? I’m kinda impressed. 

When Facebook shoved Victoria’s Secret ads in front of my.. “freaky ‘lil face”, I told them to offer me something I might want to buy! Stop outsourcing your workers and start fixing some problems. I want to hear that the company I buy from is doing something about clean drinking water or that they used recycled tires to make McNuggets or what ever… Why does it feel like somebody is always trying to get away with something?

I look forward to the day that I don’t have to look out my window and see so much concrete… Bring me to the shire. I want to take everyone home!