My 2020 So Far

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I have not found much time for posting this year. I have spent my time traveling, cooking, cleaning, and laying low.

Complying with a multitude of regulations to assist in doing my part to stay safe and keep other’s safe as well this year.

We have been blessed in health and healing other’s.

We have pretty much been full time RVer’s.

We stayed in a Canadian hotel at one point and the staff didn’t care for me (I trigger women my whole life), so my husband nicely (like ridiculously nice) asked if the front desk lady had a problem with me, which resulted in the woman calling her manager and telling us we had 5 minutes to leave the hotel before she called the police.

It was craziness noone needs at a time like this. Needless to say we left and were refunded our money.

After that, I decided to keep to myself as much as possible. Assisting my husband and kids more than ever has been the most rewarding and important thing I could have ever chosen to do.

After everyone in my immediate circle was content and feeling at ease within themselves, I moved on to healing generational wounds within my entire family.

There is always more growth and knowledge to be attained, so I innerstand that this process never ends.

I began to find time to assist in healing some of my parents childhood wounds as of late and healing the gap between generations.

At times,, my children found my parents too aggressive for their liking, but that doesn’t mean they get to ignore grams and gramps.

After many hours of intuitively guided counseling sessions, my parents are on their respective healing journeys without blaming any one else for any set backs.

My deepest joy comes from helping others heal themselves.

I’ve been this way my whole life.

At least as long as I can remember.

Essentially, I was born this way (many are) and have been looking forward to the Age of Aquarius before I even knew what it was.

I am extremely grateful for all of my lessons and am even more grateful for those in my life.

If you find yourself going through any karmic or generational healing and have questions, feel free to reach out.

Have a great holiday season and understand that your ancestors chose you to be here at this time as much as you chose to be your own warrior within.

Stay strong,

You got this!


How to Achieve “High Vibing”

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High vibing

Or not…

You do you

Consciously creative


So, you don’t like how you feel?

Or maybe you’re reading this for a friend.

No matter how it comes, high vibing feels right.

Suddenly everything is possible and everyone feels like they’re cheering you on.

Just me?


Here’s 13 secrets of the high vibing:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have down below.