Do You Have The Old 56k Modem Yet?

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I don’t know where you live and I feel like I’ve lived everywhere. Where I have been most recently, we have 300 megabit or megabite, idk the difference, but I know that they have 1000 mb now! I don’t know ’bout you, but I feel like I’m back in the late ’90’s with my parents 56k modem. 

My electronics aren’t that old. Where do the old machines go when they die? Is there a Wall-e robot crushing them and boxing them up somewhere? Please don’t be insulted if I don’t know. I want to know and will now do research on it. I don’t like feeling/being wasteful. 

So I’ll do some fact checking! It’s a must if you’re trying to make a difference! So who do you trust for great information sources? Please comment below any recommended sites.