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With #balance comes letting go and remaining dedicated.

It’s personal knowing (using our intuition) that helps us make these decisions.

So… imagine you are with friends or fam and you aren’t very good at speaking your mind, so you tell others, “Whatever you want.” More often than not.

From my point of view, I did this to avoid conflicts.

If I don’t have an opinion then you cant be mad at me, right?

Not necessarily…

People don’t necessarily always make sense.

But, this minuscule act of selflessness isn’t a big deal, right?

Well, how often do you put what you might like aside to please others?

I did it all day every day from school years till very recently.

I love to please others. Serve others. Help others, care for others, etc!

It’s a need that fulfills my insides.

As a child, this tendency to be selfless made it easy to be friends with anyone (but honestly, not everyone deserved my time or attention), and I was left feeling empty and used.

My parents were so glad I had friends so this added to my confusion.

I had to go through a lot of shadow work to figure out that it was my constant indecisiveness in my youth to avoid conflict that made me almost unable to be decisive in adult life.

I always heard the loud intuitive messages from inside, but small details were really hard for me. Almost always causing anxiety within myself. (Human design has helped me understand so much of this, it’s amazing!)

None the less, this all brings me to balance.

Are you always sacrificing yourself?

Or on the other end of the spectrum, do you decide everything for everyone around you, not giving anyone else any choices?

Neither are desirable for the people around these two scenarios.

Balance is where it’s at : )

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Happy cold time of year in the American Northwest!

Much love,