You win. I win.

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Good morning!

I have been meditating and thought this would be a great time to blog. The kids and dogs are still asleep!

I remember watching movies as a child and picking out the characters with the most luxurious, fancy, classy, priceless (in my eyes), divine, goddess look or lives, -their human experience.

There was no speak of money. I didn’t notice until after I was 8 that most movies were different than I had first noticed.

When I watched Marry Poppins for the first time, I didn’t put it together that that was her job!

I thought she was helping out a troubled family because it called her in on a storm. I was like, 3. BUT, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go dooown!” Became my motto when family life became too much for a 4 year old to handle…

My parents came from pretty rough minded humans. My dad was thrown down the stairs at least once, among other consistent daily physical and/or emotional abuse.

My mother’s father was an all too common abusive drunk and her mom was a drinker,- woman in that era (1950’s). She was whatever society would allow her to be in her situation. I have never met my mother’s father, but I did speak with him on the phone a few years ago, as they had made a mends, (on my grandfather side anyway). I can imagine how my mom may feel-invalidated about both of her mildly maladjusted parents. She is amazing though, because of the extent that she puts up with how difficult they are. I guess this is what I do with my dad. Always feeling like he’s against me, because he is and he’ll say he’s not- total narcissists in this world!

I am in the grey. We have yin and yang here. I stand by the valid points on both sides of any argument. I can place myself in both sets of shoes.

I believe in balance! I believe in dark and light. I believe in my soul and in my body. I believe in being ferociously strong and divinely delicate. I believe in being completely authentic to oneself (with integrity!) I believe in spirituality and mother nature. I believe we should be focusing down as much as up!

Let’s bring balance to the madness!

Everyone deserves to win! I recently read an article that there is an Arabic word for this, the word is taarradhin (tah-rah-deen). Loosely translates to “You win, I win.”

So let’s taarradhin the sh!t out of this experience!

Now that you know a little bit more about how I think, as much as I would love to blog full time, it just wouldn’t be authentically me. So yes, I find blogging a tiny bit difficult, in my life situation, but I also feel called to it and it gets easier in phases. I love to share my perspective. To get like minded tribesmen on my team. Wearing my heart on my shoulder because that’s where I choose for it to be. I have been making up my own affirmations for a while now and am getting more confident about letting me out.

“I am love. I am light. I am here to do all things right!”

– repeat 3x So mote it be!

Lmao! I am joking on it being a spell, (Halloween will be here before you know it!), but in all seriousness that is a completely valid thing to say because positivity breeds positivity. Like with like, right?!

I hope you all have an amazing human experience everyday!

Love you long time!


Hello Again!

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We have been busy traveling RV-ers and have captured the last 3 months on drone and GoPro. We were unable to have full hookups, internet, or cell service at the hot springs we were volunteering at, so I will work on sharing our summer adventures, hopefully, sometime soon.

Keep on keepin’ on!


One Week Until We View Our New 39.85 Acre Property

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There’s been a lot of talk around here lately. …A lot of busy bee’s, talking about how exciting it is that we’re embarking on our dream, and that we are now, one step closer!

Some might just call us crazy. Others… “Go getters”, family farmers, fun folks, or my favorite yet; wild wanderers.

I do like the wild.

But I’m also a little bit of a realist. I’m aware of what I’m getting myself into and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have concerns.

Like, how are we going to go about every aspect of taking scratch land and turning it into our dream? …but in knowing the reality and already having the realization (years ago) that I want to enjoy every day of my life, it has led to this moment.

…My trail has led me on my path to this time, here and now. Where we are approaching something that seemed so far away, and still is in a way…

So, I’m nervous that I won’t be living in a spacious home for a while.



I am in this body, in this RV, on my parents property, thinking about how one should actually pre-plan staying on bare land with 3 young boys and 3 chihuahuas.

I’ve been doing it for 11 years this 21st of May. Ya know… Mothering like a mother-hugga! (I love hugs 🤗 ) I know what I need to do. It’s up to me to do it. Be accountable for what I’m trying to accomplish.

I randomly wish that some humanitarian, do-gooder will stumble across a post and have the realization that they can actually do good, right now, by contacting me and letting me know how they would like to help.

I like info. I like mentors. I like resources. I like any helpfulness, really. It’s part of this whole #behelpful #notahindrance thing, I’m all about.

Well, I spent all day cleaning and organizing for next weeks trip. I’m spent!

I may be physically tired this evening, but I am mentally already building barns, decorating rooms, and rescuing animals.

I’m looking forward to my dreams and wishing you a restful evening!

– Holly

Working With Distractions In The Modern World

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I’ve been thinking about every aspect of life lately. I’m a thinker. That’s what I’m guaranteed to have time for. My own thoughts. If I’m busy, working for ‘The Man‘ (or three, four, or more) then.. my body may be busy, but my soul is conversing with me internally.

I may be focused intently on what I’m physically doing, but I can guarantee you that, mentally, I’m all over the map.

When I am finished with my fun and “chores” is when I make time to do this. ..Ya know, “blog”. I’d like to call what I do something different, just because I am that way. So I’m going to come up with a name for random thought blogging. Maybe you can let me know, if there’s already a name for it.

“Plog” ….

This is more of a personal log of anything I feel compelled to write about. So far, I don’t even know what I want it to be labeled. I prefer no labels. I just like to be good at anything and everything, make money from it ethically somehow, and then put the money to good use via sustainable farm. Hiring whoever I meet and can encourage along the way. Joyfully living our family adventure along the way.

I realize how much time can get lost on playing the social media game. I fall into the entertainment-wormhole on occasion…Write post. Share. Fwd. Research “how to make blogging easier on an iPhone 6 Plus”. Watching YouTube videos. Getting called to action #IRL for my kids or other family… and when I come out of it, I find that a few days of electronic rest is desirable, for me. My hands actually ache after holding the slender yet moderately sized phone for any longer than 20 minutes -after doing it everyday for the past 5 years. Rigorously searching for any info, pertinent to my life and how to reach my dream of a happy, successful, sustainable family farm. It taught me a lot about everything. My life taught me the rest.

I really and truly believe in balance. So, if you’re looking for advice on using your phone for business and destraction, beware that it is as limited to the amount of time you put in to your research. If you use YouTube to gather as much info as you can on all the subjects you need to learn, you will be saving massive amounts of time, energy, and personal resources. I have seen and done a lot and seen YouTube videos on a wide array of genres (I prefer comedy and music). Setting a personal limit of how much phone, computer, tablet, iPad, etc. was in my best interest though. Set reminders. Do the work. Hire yourself. You get it.

I find that some people can get restless if I am not immediately available, but in the kindest way, tough!

I’m me no-matter what the weather.

So don’t get lost while reading this. Remember what you came online searching for.

Re-claim that distracted brain. Feed that gut flora a rainbow of foods (mostly vegetables!). And emerge an enhanced version of yourself.

Randomly yours,


Avengers: Infinity War Short Review – No Spoilers

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We have been longtime Marvel fans in our house, but only since the first Captain America came out.

I had heard of comic books, but I was more of a word search and MAD Magazine kinda-kid.

The latest installment of The Avengers had me in tears. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that Marvel outdid itself when it picked such amazing actresses and actors to play their super-human and alien characters.

Well done actors and actresses, well done!


My Truth About Blogging

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Bloggy Bloggerton…

…I am not.

To clarify: I want to blog. I just have a lot to do. We just moved all of our belongings into storage. Bought an RV while raising 3 kids and 3 dogs(wouldn’t have it any other way-wait till I finally have my farm- Can we say animal rescue!!!) In order to help my parents in recovery from my dad’s cancer treatments.

Since we have arrived at my parents house in Arizona, it has been very rewarding, yet exhausting. I blog whenever I can, from my iPhone 6 Plus. (I don’t recommend this method…)

It’s a big phone. Kinda awkward to use for long periods of time and it gets hot pretty fast.

Who knows what it’s doing to my body…

I decided to blog about all this because I kept coming up with reasons for why I’m too busy to “do the work” (of running a blog).

I was legitimately and appropriately managing my time for what was most important. In my head it’s about like this:

“-Are the children taken care of? Have the dogs been taken care of? How’s grandpa? Time to cook. Let’s help grandma in the garden. Let’s clean up. What’s Photosynthesis? Let’s look that up to explain it best. You want to color? Swim time! Watch me on the trampoline! Let’s check the mail. Time to pay the bills, and so on and so forth. ”

..The usual for me.

I love it! My life is unlike any person I’ve ever met and I look forward to it staying that way. I used to worry constantly and let people’s expectations of me dictate my actions and I was a definite people-pleaser.

I will always be a bit of a people-pleaser… because it pleases me to please people : )

… Just no more self sacrificing on an unnecessary level. As a mother. Self sacrificing is part of the gig. In my experience, you’re not doing it right if you don’t have occasional pangs of guilt or worry bitch-slapping ya back to reality. I am aware that I go above and beyond for my loves. Whoever they may be. If I love you. You will know it and you will like it 😘

-It’s the people pleaser in me.

But I don’t have limitless energy, and when I run out of steam and everyone is like “Aww, you used up all Holly’s energy 😔😔😔to everyone else.

I have found that listening to my intuition above all works out best. I draw from 32 years of life experience and 10 years in the research and development phase.

I relieved myself of a lot of excess duties when I realized just how much people-pleasing I had gotten to myself into and when I learned how to take a step back from it, breathe, and allow myself to set whatever boundary that needed to be placed. My true self seemed to take shape when I was fairly young because not much had to change.

I essentially alleviated decades of self-inflicted guilt and stress by acknowledging and letting go of the expectations I was able to see were from others and not me.

– I erased all personal and internal doubt when I got consistent confirmation that listening to my intuition gave me my desired outcome in all situations.

– Good thing I don’t use it ferr evil – #amiright ?!

(Jk. Because you get whatever you put out and when I used to be just the tiniest bit vengeful as a young child – and rightfully so – “karma” would always kick my ass. I learned this very early on in my life.)

I am more aware of what I should be paying attention to. I’m able to argue with others and not get upset, unlike in the past. I am always aiming to be completely rational and honest. I’m able to think to the end to whatever desired outcome works best for everyone and proceed with just enough forethought to avoid the usual pitfalls that can strike in everyday life.

(I am not saying I don’t slip up ever, but I allow time for rest and I aim to stay in a continuous state of my natural flow. Practically just observing others. Never reacting. Always encouraging. Incorporating fitness in whatever task I take on because in all honesty, I may not have time to cut out a work out. I keep my flow best while using my intuition.)

This is how I am taking my family “The Great Dains Dynamite Dynamic Dynasty” to wherever we want to go!


Well, I digress.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day : )

– Holly


Small Victories in Rio Verde Foothills- Arizona

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I have lived in Northern Scottsdale on and off since 2002. I’ve lost count how many times, actually. Aside from one winter spent in Palm Desert, California, Scottsdale has been my go-to winter location because my family owns property there.

However, this snow season, sitting under the Arizona sun was brought on for a new reason. Not just to evade the lower temperatures (though it is a major plus). This years reason is one that no one plans for.

My father has just finished cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy for a cancerous growth near his tongue. I wasn’t extremely involved in the decision making process, but of course I had my own ideas of how I thought intense chemo might go for him. I’ve even worked as a Unit Secretary in an Emergency Room. I had seen enough to prepare me, but no amount of knowledge or prep can keep your insides from voicing your own opinion, secretly telling yourself everything you want to hear about how you would do it if it was you, wondering how you can help without causing more work. Hoping you actually have a positive effect on the situation. Pushing through the fatigue because there is no one else for the job. A sense of carrying on as so much changes in hopes to hold on to some sense of personal normalcy.

If I heard my mother correctly, my dad stopped eating January 9. His throat was so severely damaged from his treatments that it disabled his throat muscles completely. He is doing special motions that his speech therapist taught him to try and build the muscles back up.

It is now March 10 and I am happy to report that my dad had his first bite of food in however many days that is!

Here’s to the small victories!!

Have an amazing night!


A Married Mother Of Three’s Take On Valentines Day

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Since I approach my life a bit differently than most, people randomly ask me what my take on certain things is, like commercialized holidays.

Today being February 14, 2017 or Valentines Day, V-Day, ❤️-Day, etc. I found it appropriate to answer this question. 

My personal belief is that no holiday really matters. If you’re feeling flush with fat stacks of money spilling over, I can understand wanting to splurge on your loved ones, otherwise, just keep reminding the people you love and care about that you love them way more than once a year. 

It can be so simple and free (or almost). If you aren’t busy and your loved one is, maybe make a meal for them as a surprise or do something else you know they’re bound to enjoy. After all, you’re together because you bonded over something, right?

If you’re both busy, lighten up and plan to celebrate when you can, in a way that is special to each of you. 

Ultimately, at the end of the day, all that matters to me is that you didn’t give me a negative memory. It is kind of that simple. 

I’m comfortable in my skin and I want people to be free to focus on themselves. I am not influenced by any date unless it is directly special to me or someone I love. 

We celebrate what is important for us as individuals and as a family. I love spreading love, I just don’t wait for a holiday to do it. 

If you can try to get and/or give someone a happy, authentic, positive memory on any day… 

Well then, those are the kinds of memories people cherish that last forever.