Good Afternoon!

After doing so much research on health and healing, I came across a lot of information on natural healing crystals, quartz, stones, and geodes. This brought me to the conclusion that I should test if they were truly beneficial to one’s life… Well, on my life.

And I can tell you that it has been a great success!

I have more energy than I’ve had since I started having children, 10 years ago and before it got better for me, it got a lot worse. I now wake up invigorated and energized whenever I sleep near my Crystals. 

Crystals, quartz, and geodes have silicon which is what gives them their energy. You charge each type of crystal based on whatever type it is. Some can be cleansed in a salt bath, while others shouldn’t get wet, or charge by the sun or the moon. It is more exciting and beneficial to have crystals in your life than I had ever known before. 

My amazing sister was actually the first one to jump on the crystal train and started making awesome necklaces, which she blew my mind with on a fun little impromptu vacay we got to spend together.

This has led us to continue to create jewelry with a purpose. We both enjoy the benefits of working with the crystals and will continue to create unique pieces with them. We are also adding a Baltic Amber jewelry line for kids or adults.

Each individual crystal has a unique “power” and you can learn about each crystal by reading the information in the product listing.

A life of full of positive vibes, good energy, protection, and healing awaits in the form of a beautifully handmade jewelry piece.

To see photos and read our listings, check out our Etsy store below.

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Rock on!